Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Magic Tree

This past autumn [2010] was a difficult season for me. 
Especially with work. 
There were a lot of changes happening, and to make a long story short, 
I found myself in a position that was extremely difficult. 
I was working long hours, doing extra things, burning myself out, 
AND not receiving any appreciation or even "thank yous" for it all. 
Needless to say, I was stressed... 

One evening in November, after I had finished a particularly strenuous day, 
I just felt done
I knew that I had a choice: 
I could choose anger and sin and probably do something
that I would end up regretting, 
I could choose God, and His love and His strength. 

So I sat in my empty, dark classroom and cried and prayed. 

And I felt a nudge. 

A nudge to create

I ran across the street to Lotte Mart and grabbed some supplies. 

And the Magic Tree was born: 

The Magic Tree is now the focal point in my classroom 
and he has a very lively personality. 
He's always changing with the seasons and holidays
and my students just love him.  


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  1. uh...this is adorable. love all the season pics. I may teach a music class next year...will keep in mind. :)

  2. Good for you for choosing that road! I totally understand how you were feeling. I have felt that way in the classroom many many times. Keep up the good work! Love the tree.

  3. I love the tree! Even better, the story of how it came to be.

  4. i love it!!! the entire backstory and the tree !

  5. What a beautiful idea. God works everything for our good!

  6. your tree is breathtaking and beautiful, xo hugs I am participating in WILW this week too! so happy to visit you!

  7. I can completely understand. I was also feeling quite a bit of stress at my work/school and feeling VERY unappreciated. I was also feeling very upset over a specific issue. I prayed so very hard and voice some thoughts and I am pleased with the outcome.
    God certainly took hold and made things very good!
    I do love the tree and its "birth" and love seeing the children enjoying it!


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