Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Views from {Downtown Pyeongtaek}

John and I have committed to spend as much time outside as possible this season, 
enjoying the incredible weather and soaking up the spring time for this 
short time before the humidity of summer comes. 

This past Saturday we decided to take advantage of the gorgeous weather 
and spend the day entirely outside...

We didn't want to do anything super spendy, so we decided to just head downtown
and walk and walk and walk. 

First stop: Starbucks. ^^ 
The only Starbucks in town is housed in the HUGE shopping mall/train station 
at the hub of downtown. 

Next, we decided to make our way to the large open market. 
The market is called Tongbok Market and it's got tons of neat stuff to see. 







Beautiful hanboks

And my personal favorite, ho tteok

Saw this amazing balancing act on our way out of the market: 

Next stop: a pharmacy and my favorite little craft supply store in town: 

The interesting thing about Korean pharmacies is that you can't get medicine 
You can't just run into your local grocery store and pick up Tylenol Cold. 
ALL medicine is at the pharmacies. 

Next stop: We grabbed lunch at Dos Tacos 
(yes, we do have Mexican food in Pyeongtaek now!) 
and brought it to the "Sky Garden". 

The Sky Garden is located on the 10th floor of the aforementioned HUGE mall
and it's a great place to "picnic", enjoy the great weather 
and catch some great views of Pyeongtaek. 

There are these wonderful metal ducks in the Sky Garden, 
and you can even sit inside one of them! 

Saw these cuties hiding in a bush on the walk home: 

If this lampost hadn't been firmly attached in the ground, 
I think I would have taken it home: 

It was a great day. 



    1. great photos!
      Here too from WILW! hugs bonitarose

    2. where exactly is the craft store? I've been looking forever!

    3. That craft store is in downtown Pyeongtaek, very near Tong Bok Market.
      If you'd like more direct, personalized directions, you can email me! ^^


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