Tuesday, June 7, 2011

W.I.L.D {2}

{W}hat {I}'m {L}iking [these] {D}ays #2! 

1. Anniversary dinner @ Pasta Vino! 
2. Hilarious menu items. 
3. A dear brother's baptism. 
4. I just finished "A Woman's Heart: God's Dwelling Place" = incredible Bible study!
5. Adorable picture of my parents, taken by my sister. 
6. John and I have started Mark Driscoll's sermon series on Luke.  Amazing! 
7. My best friend's CUTEST BABY EVER. 
8. My current "big frame re-do". More details to come. ^^ 



  1. So how was Pasto Vino?? We discovered the coffee shop down the alley, and are intrigued by PV. =) Also, is that Jason being dunked by Steve??

    Luke by Mark Driscoll= awesome!

    Isaac= cuteness OVERLOAD!!! And he DOES get cuter every day, how is that even possible??

  2. Oh! So glad I found you in the What I love Wednesday round-up :) I grew up in Korea (Seoul, my parents were missionaries) and the Vimeo you posted is amazing! I love when I find blogs hidden in the WWW that I can't wait to see more of :)


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