Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I lift my hands

The hubs has been quite sick this week. 
It's one of those weird types of sick, 
where we don't really know what's wrong. 

He's at the hospital right now having tests done. 
I have to be at work. 
I want to be at the hospital with him so badly.

The anxiety is big

But my GOD is BIGGER.  

I've been singing this song to myself 
for the last couple of days. 

And I'm going to keep singing it. 


Linking up all over the place.


  1. You & the Husband are in my thoughts and prayers tonight. xoxo

  2. Praying! No fun. Coincidently, I had this song stuck in my head before I opened this post! Twilight zone? Keep us updated on how he's doing please!

  3. keep singing! keep clinging! love you, praying for you both. xo

  4. Oh it's the worship songs to help us get before our GOD that get us through these times! And this song! Have you ever listened to Enter The Worship Circle? They are anointed....so beautiful. I hope your husband is better?! You are right, OUR GOD IS BIGGER! I always say, "Bring it on Satan"


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