Saturday, September 24, 2011

Review: Ghosts Upon the Earth

The hubs and I had the great pleasure of hosting
a small listening party this past Friday evening. 

We've been big fans of Gungor 
since the release of their "debut" album, Beautiful Things
in early 2010. 

This past week Gungor released their next album entitled
for which we hosted this listening party. 

As I sat in my candlelit living room with close friends, 
sipping tea and listening closely to this new album from a band that I loved, 
my mind was blown like its never been blown before. 

Lyrically, this album is powerful, romantic, narrative and moving. 
Musically, it's hands down brilliant. 
It is intricate, mixing a variety of different rhythms and tempos 
and using a plethora of different instruments. 
All the while it weaves a beautiful story
and leads you place of unashamed worship. 

This album is wildly different from Beautiful Things
but it leaves nothing to be desired. 

I highly recommend that you purchase this album on iTunes
and give it a good listen, all the way once through,
with candles and tea, if possible.  

And just to vouch for the awesomeness
here's a video of the amazing song
When Death Dies

Mind blown yet? 

Your welcome. 

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  1. Love these guys!! I think it's so cool that you had a listening party. I don't think my friends, nor my husband, could sit still long enough. HA!

  2. YES my mind IS BLOWN, I ADORE Gungor, they are touring with David Crowder Band in OCT, and a bunch of us are going, here in MPLS...! On youtube they have a few videos acoustic that are just beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing, I love your heart!!!

    Here is one of the songs I was telling you about!

  4. Oh and thank you, I didn't know they had a new album coming out! Do you listen to Enter The Worship Circle? You would freak OUT if you have not heard them yet!!!

  5. Ooooo, Gina, what is "Enter the Worship Circle"???
    I need to look this up!


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