Wednesday, September 14, 2011

W.I.L.D {9}

1. Lacy headbands. 
2. Sewing my own envelope pillow covers using this tutorial
3. Watching It Happened One Night
4. My brand new Singer sewing machine! Eeeeeee, so excited! 
5. My dainty little Moto. 
6. Having the hubs feeling [almost] better and back at work! 
7. Afternoon walks and the impending autumn. 
8. Finally discovering a way to curl my hair
9. Homemade blueberry-banana smoothies, nom. 


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  1. I dare you to tell the world what you've named your sewing machine...
    and explain it.

  2. That must be your hubby's comment up there... ;)

    I love the lacy headband and your new pillows, and how exciting to have a new sewing machine!! Have fun making all sorts of lovelies. :)

    Dropping in from Lollipops. <3

  3. yes. name of sewing machine, please.
    i cant sew worth a flip.
    and i LOVE that movie!!!!!
    your curls are cute! xo

  4. Your hair looks soooo cute! And yay for smoothies :)

  5. I want to know the name too! I have yet to use or name my Singer.But my pink KitchenAid is named Penelope :)

  6. I'm going to have to crochet a lacy headband. I love the looks of those.

    That hair tutorial is all over the place! I did it once, and it made my hair so pretty! But I had to cut the headband out of my hair because it got tangled somehow. :0(

  7. I have been curling my hair like that for months! love it

  8. Love your list - and yay for your new sewing machine!!!!!

  9. Love your list - especially your sewing machine!!!


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