Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Choose Love: Health

At the beginning of this year, 
I committed to choosing love.

Part of this commitment 
is a choice to love my body. 

This is a hard commitment. 
And not just because I'm a woman. 
I believe that every single person 
struggles with body image and 
self-confidence in one way or another.

Personally, I've always struggled with balance. 
I love good food and I'm not a huge fan of hard exercise. 
But as I've gotten older, 
I'm realizing that I can't just eat whatever I want 
and get away with it. 
My body is keeping its records, 
and the records aren't looking too good right now. 

So, I have committed to loving my body. 

What does that look like? 

Well, firstly, I believe what the Bible says in Psalm 139, 
that I am created by God. 

 And because I know that I am so wonderfully made, 
it makes sense to me that I take care of this body 
that God has given me. 

So, down to the practical stuffs: 
I have been exercising, and plan on 
staying committed to exercising, with the 
30 Day Shred by Jillian Michaels.  
So far, I am loving this workout. 
Jillian is tough and concise, 
giving me a fantastic, full body workout 
in 30 minutes a day. 
I asked the hubs to join me for a workout
and here's what he said about it
I've also been working on choosing GOOD foods to put in my body. 
And as gooooood as cheesecake tastes, 
it's not the good kind of food that I'm thinking about. 

I'm trying to view my food as fuel these days. 
Put the good stuff in, and I'll be able to perform at my best. 
But, like I said earlier, I love good food, 
so I'm looking for healthy AND delicious options here! 

Here are some recipes that I've found on Pinterest 
that I have already tried or am really looking forward to trying: 

And, yes, those chocolate recipes are HEALTHY. 
Go, check 'em out. 
You're welcome. 



  1. this is awesome, ferial! amen.
    i am starting the shred again soon, too!

    love to you, xo

  2. Ferial, this is so beautifully written and I totally agree with you on all levels. No matter what we all struggle in our own way...but ultimately, are we loving ourselves the way that God commands us too? And that means through body, mind and spirit.
    And you are right, you can still eat amazing things that taste so good, that are good for your body...and once you get in the swing of that, the other foods won't taste good.
    Here's to your journey in this, I know you love God and seek Him in all things, so I know you'll be able to do this with His power!

  3. Thanks for reminding that we are made in His image and just as He planned long ago. Wishing you well on your new journey. Blessings!

  4. this is totally amazing! you are so right. we have to be stewards of what the Lord has given us, our bodies included! Totally a huge way we can glorify Him! :)

    work it girl! the shred is awesome!

  5. Found your blog through the link-up. I am doing "The Shred" too. Oh, how I have new disdain for Jillian Michaels. ;) I have the DVD on audio:off because I don't want to hear her anymore! ;-D

  6. The Shred is such a great video work-out! I hope you stick with it. I'm collecting healthy recipes so thanks for posting so many! I'm looking forward to trying them already!

  7. This is beautiful! The "30 Day Shred" video is intense, good for you! xo

  8. What a beautifully written post sister! I love it, and I am super excited for you AND John! :) Can't wait to hear more about how it's going! Love you so much!

  9. Ferial, have you tried the Coconut Milk Chocolate frosting yet (your second picture posted)?? I had that on my pinterest list too!! If you have made it, please let me know, it looks absolutely divine.

    Also, this is a great post on loving the body that God has given you, and that you take care of it. You go girl!


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