Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Resolution Songs // Month 5

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This month started out kinda hard. What with the news of the loss of a sweet baby boy and with Mother's Day coming up, I just didn't feel like choosing a song this month. Too much sadness around and inside, too much pain, too many questions and doubts and angry shouts to the sky. 

But then I realized, that's exactly the reason why I decided to do this thing, this resolution song thing. The very purpose of my commitment to this was to choose faith, choose joy, choose encouragement, choose to not wallow. And tonight on my drive home from work, I sang along to this song with all my heart. In the midst of confusion, of pain, of grief, of hopelessness, of questions and doubts, I sang. I sang for Jacqui and Dan, I sang for dear friends who have also lost little ones, I sang for my sick friends, I sang for my hopeful friends, I sang for my questioning friends and my lost friends. I sang out in my own brokenness, I sang this truth out to Jesus, because it was all that I could say.

"I need You more than anything." 

What can compare
To the love of Jesus
Who can repair
Every broken thing
No other One
Can break this darkness
No other name
No other name

I need You
More than anything
Jesus I need You
More than anything

Through the calm and the storm
In the chaos
Though the mountains will crumble
You will not
Never failing Your promise eternal 

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