Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pre-Flight Jitters

In just over 24 hours the hubs and I will be
departing on our long-awaited trip Stateside. 
Three take-offs and landings later, 
we will be home

I say "home" and I mean it. 
"Home" has become a very fluid word for me 
in the last few years. 
I think all my expat friends will be able to relate. 
Home is where the love is. 
And there is so much love waiting for us in Tennessee. 

I'm not really looking forward to 
saying bye-bye to my Moto-cat tonight
or to the 2 layovers that we have in
store for us tomorrow, 


here's what I am looking forward to for our trip: 

*hearing and speaking English everywhere
*REAL Thanksgiving food!!! 
*just. relaxing. 
*catching up and sharing laughs
with people I love
*Red Robin
*pumpkin pie
*visiting my very first Hobby Lobby
*autumn in pretty TN
*not working
*people-watching in airports
*my neck pillow
*reading through an exciting new series

I covet your prayers for the hubs and I as we travel, dear friends. 
Please pray for safety for us and please pray against spiritual attack. 
Pray that John and I would operate  in great love 
towards one another in the midst of the chaos of traveling. 
And please also pray that God would grant us 
wisdom and clarity on how to spend our time and money
during this trip. 

God-willing, my next post will be from the States! 



  1. Don't forget that we need to stop by Target while we're there.

  2. Yaaaaay! I'm really excited that you two get a trip home! And, I'm excited to take care of your Moto-cat while you're away. Don't worry, he's in good hands. :)

  3. Oh I hope you have a most joy full wonderful safe trip! I will be praying for you guys, I am so happy you get to get away. How long will you be gone for? Guess what? I have never been to a Hobby Lobby!
    Enjoy TARGET, and btw--your post had me LOLing with your faces!!! You're awesome.

  4. you. are.awesome! and i love you! have so much fun! TARGET!

  5. ahaha i love that you are looking forward to target! one of my FAVORITE stores ever :)

    have safe travels and happy thanksgiving!


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