Tuesday, December 13, 2011

100th {my first giveaway!}

Today marks my 100th post! 

What an adventure this blogging-thing turned out to be. 
I am so grateful for the ways that God has used this blog
to bless me, to teach me, and to connect me 
to other like-minded and wonderful people. 

As a big THANK YOU to you who have been adventuring with me, 
I'm doing my first giveaway! 

I am gifting-away a $25 digital gift card 
to Amazon.com

Amazon.com is one of my favorite online places to shop. 
They seriously have everything
And as a Kindle owner, I love perusing their e-books. 
So, one of you lovely readers will be receiving
$25 to spend as you like on Amazon.com! 
Check off an item or two off your Christmas shopping list
or treat yourself to something merry and bright! 

To enter this giveaway: 

*Follow "Ferial-Shmerial" via Google Friend Connect
(click the blue "Join this site" button on the right sidebar) 

*Leave a comment on this post telling me 
about your favorite Christmas tradition. 

That's it! 

The winner of the $25 Amazon gift card will be announced on 
Wednesday, December 21

Thanks so much for following along with me here 
at Ferial-Shmerial. 
Your readership and your friendships mean so much to me! 



  1. hmmm...I'm not sure that I have a favorite yet because every Christmas for Mason and I has been different, but I think I am going to like the new one that we start this year-limiting our "gifting" to each other and as a family choosing gifts to give Christ for His birthday. I'm looking forward to a God-focused advent!

  2. hooray for ferial shmerial!! i just love it here.

    i feel like we are just getting started with the traditions...figuring things out, you know? one thing: i bake and decorate gingerbread cookies every christmas. since i was a wee one. now elijah is learning it, too! makes me super happy and memories just flood over me every time i make those yummy things!

    thanks for the sweetie giveaway. happy christmas, JESUS is born! xo

  3. ohhhh man. amazon and i are deeeeeep in love. please fan the flame and pick me pleaaaaaseeee!!!

    traditions? my new favorite is that my family celebrates christmas on Christmas Eve. My sister picks up sprinkles cupcakes, and we have a fun night at my parents of dinner and presents! :) Hurray!

    congrats on 100 posts!
    :) and i'm a GFC follower, wootie woot!

  4. I have always really loved advent and doing the Nativity Advent countdowns, recounting the Christmas story and adding to it every day leading up to Christmas.

    I really enjoy your blog - you are truly gifted and it is always an inspiring read - keep it up! Thank you.

  5. Ferial!!! What an awesome first giveaway!

    My favorite Christmas tradition is reading the Nativity story Christmas Eve. And getting toothbrushes in our stockings. Random, I know.

  6. What is Google Friend connect?
    yay congrats on your first giveaway, we are so so happy you blog!!! it wouldn't be the same blog world without you !

    my favorite christmas tradition is seriously putting up our tree and talking about the ornaments! simple I know!

  7. wow gina, google friend connect is just "following" someones blog LOL!

  8. yippee! i heart ferial!
    my favorite christmas tradition is spending Christmas morning with family (or family-like friends) and opening presents one at a time. and eating as much junk food as i want. and wearing sweaters. and cinnamon rolls. and sleeping under the tree....

  9. YEAH!! congrats on your 100th post! My favorite Christmas tradition growing up was reading Twas the Night Before Christmas on Christmas eve, and then having a sleep over in my room with my brother getting all excited about the day to come. Now-a-days I love our Christmas morning family time and brunch.

  10. Our favorite tradition is attending midnight mass service at church and opening one present on christmas eve.

    I also follow on GFC as Rachel R.
    rachelsgiveaways @ gmail.com

  11. Our favorite tradition is attending midnight mass service at church and opening one present on christmas eve.

    I also follow on GFC as Rachel R.
    rachelsgiveaways @ gmail.com

  12. Thanks for the giveaway! Favorite tradition would have to be reading The Best Christmas Pageant Ever on Christmas Eve and then opening ONE present of our choice!

  13. First of all, CONGRATS ON YOUR 100TH POST! That's truly a feat in today's busy world! Secondly, I'm relatively new to your blog, but your inspirations of crafts, wise words, and spiritual encouragements are really uplifting and are very much appreciated. So thank you. :)

    Thirdly, my absolute, must-have, all-time favorite Christmas tradition is my Mom, Dad, brother, and myself decorating our Christmas tree together listening to some Sinatra, Andy Williams, Kenny G (the list continues, trust me) Christmas music. It's quite a sentimental time for us. It's really a time where our hearts are bursting with love for each other and gratefulness of what we've been blessed with during the year. It's a nice reality check to realize what Christmas is all about.

    Blessings to you and your family this Christmas season. I remember reading earlier in one of your posts that Christmas isn't celebrated much around you. Keep up the cheer and praise HIM!


  14. My favorite Christmas tradition is the one we started for our growing family on Christmas Eve.It was getting to be a bit much to have the kids out late at a family members house.

    So now we leave the house around 3 and treat the kids to a nice dinner and after that we go to church. We come home and let the kids open their Christmas PJ's and a DVD to watch. I serve up hot cocoa and take their pictures. The little ones put out the reindeer food and the Santa key.Then just before bed I read the the REAL Christmas story either straight from the Bible or a childrens Bible story book.

    I miss spending the evening with extended family like I did as a child but this precious time with my own household is so worth it!

  15. All the family men cooking all the family women breakfast on Christmas day.

  16. My favorite tradition is eating christmas cookies for breakfast!!

  17. We have a birthday party for Jesus on Christmas Eve...complete with red velvet cake & singing. It's something we look forward to every year! :)

  18. Our favorite Christmas tradition is taking our children to the Christmas Eve candlelight service at church. It's important that they remember the REAL reason why we celebrate.


  19. I am now a gfc follower :0)

    My favorite Christmas tradition is reading and telling people about the birth of Jesus and why he is so wonderful.

  20. I am a follower...and my favorite Christmas tradition is staying in our pjs ALL day long ;)

  21. GFC follower :)

    My favorite Christmas tradition is watching the 24 hour Christmas Story marathon LOL


  22. So many fav traditions, but going out and getting the Christmas tree, bringing it home and decorating tops the list. I love the excitement it brings to our entire family, but especially our kids!
    Thanks for an awesome giveaway.

  23. I asked for a kindle for Christmas so I would love to win this :)
    It's not so much a "tradition," but I LOVE opening up my Christmas stocking with my sister. I love reaching in and pulling out all the awesome things my mom puts inside! It's even better than unwrapping the bigger presents :)
    Hope you have a great holiday!

  24. Thank you so much for offering such a fun and generous giveaway! My favorite holiday tradition is snuggling up on the sofa with my mister, a cup of hot chocolate and watching holiday movies. In case you're wondering, my favorite holiday movie is National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. :)


  25. When we were kids, my sister and I would stay up really late on Christmas Eve and clean the house, then we would play video games (specifically, Mega Man 2) until either we fell asleep or everyone else woke up. Then we would open presents with the rest of the family. Then we would drive 4 hours to Grandma's house.

  26. My boyfriend and I get together with my cousin on Christmas eve and make a fantastic dinner :)


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