Monday, December 19, 2011

Recipe: Crockpot Tomato Soup

Here's a recipe for a simple and wonderful homemade tomato soup, 
perfect for these cold, wintery days. 

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I used 6 large tomatoes and threw them into my crockpot with 

2 tbsp butter
a few bay leaves
dried basil
and garlic powder. 

I  then added 
2 cups of chicken broth 
and set my crockpot on LOW for 6 hours. 

After 6 or so hours, 
the tomatoes will be soft and falling apart. 
I took a fork to them 
and mashed them up. 

Then I used my awesome hand-blender
to smooth things out even more. 
If you don't have a hand-blender, 
a normal blender or mixer will work just fine. 
Just be very careful, the soup is SO hot! 

Finally, I added
1 cup of heavy cream 
and grated Parmesan cheese to my soup. 

Serve up and enjoy with a grilled cheese sandwich! 

This recipe makes a TON of soup, 
so I would recommend freezing your leftovers 

Happy Tomato Souping! 



  1. In addition, I can testify that this soup was nom-licious! I look forward to this recipe being repeated over and over and over and ... great. now I'm hungry.

  2. That soup needs to be made by me. Awesome hand blender!

  3. Totally trying this out next week for a low-key, post-holiday meal!! :)


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