Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas isn't over.

It's true. 

Christmas isn't over. 

I know that Christmas Day was two days ago.
I know that the presents have been opened.
I know that soon Starbucks will discontinue
using their amazing Peppermint syrup.

But I insist, Christmas is not yet over. 

Christmas isn't over yet because
we get the wonderful privilege of celebrating
Christmastide, also known as
The Twelve Days of Christmas.

"By openly contemplating the Light
that was hinted at throughout the season of Advent, 
Christmastide recapitulates our Lord's
gradual self-revelation to the world." 

How wonderful it is that we get
more than one day to celebrate the most miraculous
thing that has ever happened,
God becoming man.

"'Joy to the world!' Anyone for whom this sound is foreign, or who hears in it nothing but weak enthusiasm, has not yet really heard the gospel. For the sake of humankind, Jesus Christ became a human being in a stable in Bethlehem: 
Rejoice, O Christendom! 
For sinners, Jesus Christ became a companion of tax collectors and prostitutes: 
Rejoice, O Christendom! 
For the condemned, Jesus Christ was condemned to the cross on Golgotha: 
Rejoice, O Christendom! 
For all of us, Jesus Christ was resurrected to life: 
Rejoice, O Christendom! 
All over the world today people are asking: 
Where is the path to joy? 
The church of Christ answers loudly: 
Jesus is our joy! 
Joy to the world!" 
- Dietrich Bonhoeffer

I don't know about you, but I want that joy all year long.
Isn't the gift of Jesus Christ worth celebrating
every single day of the year?

Happy Christmas! 
Every day. 



  1. AMEN! We celebrate it EVERYDAY :)

  2. Lovely. I think "Emanuel every day!" would make a great button or bumper sticker but best of all it makes for a more abundant life.

  3. God Charles Dickens, LOVE that quote! Yes it is true, Christmas is 365, 24/7 I always say! HOpe you had a wonderful christmastime ferial!!! love you!

  4. <3

    Starbucks carries Peppermint year round :)


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