Thursday, December 29, 2011

InstaFriday {5}

The hubs surprise-decorated our home! / Sam decorated himself / 
First snow in Pyeongtaek! / A warm & yummy coffee date with friends / 
Last leaves / A tiring Costco trip / Lunch & Pinterest / 
Popsicle stick reindeer / Slappa da (acoustic) bass / 
The Nutcracker! / Italian dinner & Charlie Brown Christmas / 
Vanilla-Cranberry Cake, homemade in the rice cooker! / 
Q-tip snowflakes / White Christmas for the first time / 
Homemade Lunchables / Happy New Year, Friends! 

life rearranged



  1. I love Sam's decor and those Qtip snowflakes are pretty cool!! :)

  2. these are so cute. i JUST finally got an iphone last week and i am so excited to do an instafriday!


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