Monday, December 5, 2011

The Jet-Lag Mash-Up

This, my friends, is what jet-lag looks like: 

- due to a plane problem and a missed connection, 
the hubs and I were given a one-night stay in a nice hotel
 and our long flight from Chicago to Tokyo
was upgraded to a better airline! 

- arrived home about midnight this past Sunday night, 
but didn't have to work until Monday afternoon, 
thank you manager and thank you Jesus. 

- have been really enjoying wearing my new clothes
purchased from Amurrica, 
especially this red trench coat

- so happy to be reunited with my Moto-cat

- miss my TN family so much already,
and really wish that I could get my CA family
and my TN family all in one place
and join them there forever. 

- almost finished unpacking! 
That's a big deal for this un-packing hater. 

- glad to be away from all that country music. ^^ 

- so happy to be sleeping in my own bed, 
wish I could be there right now. 

- TN is really dark at night. 

- Korea is never dark. 

- can't believe it's December! 

- I hope Christmas doesn't come and go too fast. 
Being a teacher in Korea = not having any time off for Christmas :(

- I must go hunt down some caffeine. 



  1. bless you! you are cute, get some rest, beautiful girl! xoxo

  2. Welcome home, so happy you are safe and sound. I know how rough it can feel, take your time and get the rest you need!!! So happy to see your face!

  3. you are so cute. glad you're back in korea safely!


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