Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dear Dad,

I've been missing you a lot these days. 

I miss your hugs. 
I miss drinking tea together. 
I miss driving and listening to Enya in the car.
I miss hearing you whistling through the house. 
I even miss your cheesy jokes. =) 

I miss you, Dad. 
I'm sorry that I couldn't be home
to celebrate your birthday with you this year. 
But I'll be thinking of you all day. 



  1. I love it! Happy Birthday Uncle Muhi!

  2. SO sweet! Where does he live?

    I love that you paid this precious tribute to him, I adore my dad too! Happy Bday to Ferial's pops, who made quite a daughter!!!

  3. What a beautiful tribute to your dad, and what a great picture of you two. Happy Birthday to him!

  4. Happy Birthday to him! How great that you two are so close :)


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