Monday, May 21, 2012

Today I'm Thankful for Korean Health Insurance.

Today the hubs and I ran some errands around town. 
One of the places we stopped was at the doctor's office. 
John needed to see his doctor and refill a prescription.

I waited for him in the waiting room and played Angry Birds as he talked with his doctor. 
After he was finished he walked into the lobby to pay his bill. 
I was ready with pricked up ears and our open EEBA app, 
ready to input the total amount into our budget. 


That's how much his doctor's visit cost. 

We walked downstairs to the pharmacy to pick up his prescription 
and dropped a whopping $4.25 on multiple medicines. 

As we walked out the pharmacy doors and I input the amount into our budget app
I exclaimed, "$7.50 for a doctor's visit and meds! Why are we leaving this country again??" 

Our life is much cheaper here, much more secure
When we go back to California in the fall, there won't be much security waiting for us.
We will be DEBT-FREE, praise the Lord!!!, but that'll be it.  
No jobs lined up, no immediate health insurance, no real savings. 

It is easy for me to be tempted to stay here--where it's cheap, 
secure, safe, and comfortable. 

It's easy for me to worry about our tomorrow.

And then that old Sunday School verse will creep back into my head, 
slowly it will creep from where I've hidden it my heart all those years ago. 

So, today I will try not to worry about my tomorrows. 
And today I am thankful for Korean health insurance. 



  1. My husband and I were able to take advantage of the Thailand health care system when we were younger. Excellent care, very, very little cost. I think about it sometimes and I'm tempted to worry (and often indulge in worrying), but God has been faithful to my family. I'm so thankful He doesn't take me up on my worries and allow me to control. Praying for you through this time of transition!

  2. amen. praying for y'all. leaving "security" can be daunting, keep looking to your real security. HE is legit.

    love ya xo


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